22 March 2012

Whistles Pre-Fall 12: the outfits I'm coveting (and where I want to wear them)

You don't need to have read too much of my blog to know I'm a big Whistles fan. I regularly saunter in for a browse when I'm passing by, and I often spend my lunchbreaks scouring the website  (and when I say often, I mean every single day). 

So, given the fact I'm practically fanatical about Whistles, you can imagine my excitement at seeing images from their Pre-Fall Look Book online. As it turns out, pretty much every look is near-perfect, with my only issue being that I'll never look as gorgeous in these pieces as their model does (the lovely Vera at Select). 

After A LOT of deliberation however, I've managed to decide on my favourite picks of the bunch, AKA what I'll be trying to get my hands on. As I clicked through the gallery, I even imagined exactly where I would wear each outfit... because I'm a bit lame like that. Want to know what I was thinking? Probably not, but if you are, you're in luck...

The Sophie knit, Colour Block sporty trouser and Charlie bag
 I don't know about you, but this is the sort of 'casual with elements of smart' thing that I dream of wearing to lunch of a weekend. Except the reality is that I usually oversleep on a Saturday morning and end up in a rather more eclectic ensemble. Must try harder. 

The Colour Block dress
This little number is probably my ultimate 'must-buy', because it just looks so damn wearable. Definitely one for those 'I don't have anything to wear' days. FAIL SAFE.

The leather peplum tee and Suzie pencil skirt
Now, whilst we all know I will never look as hot as Vera does in this, if it has even one iota of the same effect, I'd be happy. One for date night, no?

Helena structured dress
In my mind, this dress has 'I mean business' written all over it. So in that case, I'm thinking it's the perfect fashion fodder for important work meetings and the like. Think my (very casual) wardrobe is screaming out for this one. As my colleagues could probably tell you. 

What do you think? Which looks are you loving, and which are you not loving? Am I coveting the right pieces for the right reasons? Let me know on Twitter, @FionaGoby, or in the comments below...

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