15 February 2012

What I've Been Buying Lately: A LOT of grey

(Before you start reading this post, I just want to say this is sort of like my gateway post to becoming a full-blown style blogger and actually putting pictures of my own mug in my own clothes on this blog. I know, scary right? Which is why I'm testing the waters. If you hate my style, then you might hate my face too. At least that's my thinking. So gateway post it is...)

I have spent far too much money lately. I'm hoping to sell a lot of wardrobe cast-offs and balance out the outgoings/incomings a bit. A tad off topic, one question for you: ebay or car boot?

Amongst many things I've bought lately, whilst I've been trying to streamline my very large collection of clothes into a grown-up-yet-on-trend-yet-nonchalant-yet comfortable-yet-utterly-perfect range that will work for work, weekend and evening (aka the impossible dream) has been a lot of grey, including this basic midi dress from Dorothy Perkins (not my usual haunt, I'll admit)...

I was thinking ahead to summer when I bought this, obviously. Although I am considering wearing it in the next few days with a checked J.Crew boyshirt and black leather jacket thrown over, for a sort of grunge-inspired look. Maybe. I'll let you know how it goes. I'll definitely be wearing it during summer, though, with my beloved Office Abu Dhabi/Arabian Nights sandals (which I have in practically every colour and have been wearing/buying every summer since 2008) and a lot of silver jewellery. Oh, and hopefully the Prada sunglasses I have my eye on. But that's another story. 

I also bought this little oversized number from Whistles this week. I'm a big Whistles fan, and whilst they are perhaps a little higher priced than my other go-to stores (ASOS.com, Topshop and H&M) I find I wear the stuff I do buy from there so much, that with cost-per-wear it's probably better value. 

I'm going to wear this one pretty much exactly as Whistles have styled it, except perhaps with ankle boots or some round-toed platforms, as I don't own any strappy sandals (nor do I have any interested in owning any. Soz Whistles stylist). 

Also this week, I bought two oversized blazers to add to an ever-growing collection; one white with black lapels from River Island, and one an amazing conversational print, from Primark (my first trip in over 2 years!). But... I'm going to save those two for another post. Umm, if you're interested, of course.

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  1. Love that dotty p's dress, you could totally style it up so many ways. :)



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