4 January 2012

Jason Wu for Target - Promising?

Now, three things to mention here before I even begin this post...

1. I am not the biggest fan of designer/high st collaborations. I would rather save my money for one amazing legitimate piece, rather than buy a whole load of stuff that everyone's all hyped about, and costs double the stuff in the rest of the store. For me, it's either designer (which happens next to never) or normal high street fare; no names slapped on that increase the price tag by 80%.

2. I, personally, am not the biggest fan of Jason Wu either. Maybe because I am not the biggest fan (sartorially) of Michelle Obama. It's a tad 'blah' for my tastes. However, I will admit that I loved his SS12 show.

3. I am not the biggest fan of Target. It's also a bit 'blah', and their poor organisation of the recent Missoni collab simply showed them up big time.

So now I've got those points off my chest, and let you know my feelings on the brand, the store, and the concept in general, can I tell you my dirty secret that goes against all the above? Well, I've only seen what's below, so it's not a lot to go on, but...

So far, I love Jason Wu for Target.

Phew. I feel a bit weird saying that.

Amazing, right? Totally fulfilling my urge to wear nautical/Riviera inspired smart shirts, skater dresses and cute collars. 

I fully admit, I doubt I'll be buying anything (do Target even ship to the UK?!), but I will be admiring from afar, and I will be keeping these cute silhouettes in mind next time I have the urge to shop. Which should be in, oooh, about 27 minutes or so.

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