3 January 2012

Happy New Year! (Sorry, am a tad late)

(My favourite ad image of SS12 so far - Raquel Zimmerman for Nina Ricci. Amazing, right?)

Hello lovely people who take the time out to visit my blog,

I just wanted to write a note to you all, to say thank you for sticking with me in the past year, whilst I was perhaps a bit more quiet than readers have come to expect. No more blog neglect, I swear! (It's a New Year's resolution and I am approximately 80% awesome at keeping them, so it's looking pretty damn likely.)

I also wanted to tell you that If You Are Not In Fashion will be bigger and brighter during 2012. This is largely thanks to the amazing graphic designer Lauren Hughes (see her site here) who re-designed the blog and has created some amazing headers. I cannot wait to get my bum into gear and start changing it up every now and then. I'm also hoping 2012 will be bigger because I have some exciting blog resolutions that I'm hoping to bring to the site very soon. They're not particularly original, I'll admit, but I'm pretty excited about them nonetheless. They are...

1. OUTFIT POSTS. Always late to the party, me. I've decided to make 2012 the year of the If You Are Not In Fashion outfit post because I really want to mix up the site content a little bit. Not entirely sure when they'll be making their appearances, but they will be soon, so keep an eye out!

2. INTERVIEWS. You may remember, back in the dark days of 2010, I did some profiles on some pals of mine who have enviable fashion jobs, how they got into the business and what they think of the industry. Hands up who wants this to happen again? Well I do. So look out for more tidbits from nice people who will answer my not-so-probing questions.

3. MORE CLOTHING WE CAN ACTUALLY AFFORD. I know I rely heavily on magazine editorials for content, and I'm certainly not going to stop featuring them, because for me it's one of my biggest style inspirations, not to mention that they feed my interests in photography and obsession with models (hails from the days I spent doing model castings. It's like a cult, seriously). However, I think it's time I put way more high street product on this blog, because I shop on the high street, you shop on the high street, even high-powered Editors shop on the high street. It's high time we got down to some serious high street coveting, right?

So, these are my 2012 blogging promises. I hope you all keep reading and let me know what you're loving or loathing (or maybe just feeling utterly indifferent about).

Lots of love,

Fi x

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