10 November 2011

Stolen (Victoria's) Secret

Last year, living in Manhattan, was the first time I'd ever been fully immersed in the cult of Victoria's Secret. You see, over there, Victoria literally touts her secret on every street corner. And I love it.

Firstly, I love the angels - Candice Swanepoel is my favourite by default, given that I actually casted her for a big online brand a few years ago (she got the job, but it turned out we couldn't afford her - she was so lovely and so stunning though), although I do have a major soft spot for Erin, and my absolute favourite model Karlie Kloss made her debut this year too. Hot stuff.

Secondly, I love how Victoria's Secret have made it totally socially acceptable to gawk at women in their underwear, because it's all a big, colourful, circus-like spectacle. I'm not sure if the show is televised over here, but it is in the US, and I watched it last year with a very excited other half who was thrilled at the idea that it was fine to watch beautiful women strut their stuff in their smalls (with wings, of course), and utterly elated to discover that women loved to watch it, too (in a non perverted way, of course).

I mean, when you think about - that's some damn good marketing right there. Respect to Victoria, her secret and her angels.

Here are some stolen images from Style.com of this year's show, where Tommy Ton captured the mood backstage - I just really loved them and felt like sharing. Just a warning, though - these shots are very likely to instill a large amount of jealousy in most women. See you in the gym.

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