16 November 2011

SS12 Beauty = My Saviour

Ok, I'll readily admit.

Maybe I just watch too much TOWIE. My judgement of makeup application is perhaps out of line with the rest of the population.

It doesn't matter, though - I'm sick of false eyelashes, and I'm sick of more than a smattering of bronzer (pale girls need at least a smattering, come on). I'm even sick of bold lipsticks and winged eyeliner. It's all too high maintenance, it doesn't feel modern, and it's never really felt like me, if I'm honest. I love makeup, but I'm also the girl who used to cry her eyes out at dance shows aged five, because they caked her in dark powder, blue eyeshadow and heather pink Rimmel lipstick.

So instead, I'm trying to work SS12's most popular beauty trend - the fresh face. Those subtle petal lips are my idea of beautiful. Granted, my skin isn't model perfect, but it isn't half bad. So I suppose what I'm saying is this - if you see me, please don't do a double take at my lack of black kohl, or comment that I look a tad pasty. Afterall, everyone will be doing it next year (except Amy Childs, I imagine).

Burberry Prorsum SS12

 Chloe SS12

 Stella McCartney SS12

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