1 February 2011

Barbie and Ken...

Love is in the air. It's nearly Valentine's Day, I just got engaged (!) and frankly this little story, whilst not about style, captured my heart.

We all remember that Ken and Barbie split in 2004, don't we? A dark day for us all, particularly those who grew up idolising the plastic couple, playing with them, acting out their wedding and secretly making them kiss. Well, now Ken is attempting woo Barbie back... don't you think they are meant to be?

There's billboards all over New York (and apparently LA too, but I can't vouch for those), Ken's hired the Magnolia Bakery to inscribe his sweet nothings on their delicious cupcakes (I should know, I ate one yesterday) and he's all over Facebook, Twitter and Youtube declaring his love for the impossibly-flexible limbed lady.

So, if you reckon Barbie should take the boy back, then do visit this website and vote... let's all keep our fingers crossed for a romantic reconciliation, eh?

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