8 November 2010

With Mercury In Retrograde...

British Vogue's gorgeous, dreamy and whimsical editorial, photographed by Tim Gutt, is based around possibly my all-time biggest guilty pleasure; astrology.

As a Gemini (and a twin), I find my starsign representation accurate, if a little predictable to say the least. However, it's still utterly compelling overall, and features one of my all-time favourite designers; Stella McCartney.

Let me know your thoughts on your own starsign, won't you?

Styling by Kate Phelan, Photography by Tim Gutt, Set Design by Shona Heath.

Virgo - Christopher Kane
Taurus - Dolce and Gabbana
Scorpio - Altuzarra
Sagittarius - Givenchy
Leo - Lanvin
Pisces - Miu Miu
Cancer - Nina Ricci
Libra - Louise Goldin
Aries - Alexander McQueen
Gemini - Stella McCartney
Capricorn - Chloe
Aquarius - specially designed costume by Shona Heath

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