24 November 2010

Welcome, ASOS Marketplace...

Ok, I'm a teensy bit biased here. I knew about a while ago, when the idea was first put forward (just one of the many pros of being an employee at the time). Enter ASOS Marketplace, basically ebay (for the fashion savvy), with a little bit of etsy thrown in. A-maz-ing. They aren't the UK's leading online fashion store for nothing, kids.

Anyone can set up shop in the Marketplace, and sell their fashion wares; from old items to unwanted gifts, I'm sure you get the gist by now. Added to that is the boutique seller function; verified small boutiques, up-and-coming designers and vintage collectors are also able to use ASOS Marketplace as a means for selling their product too. Plus, in true ASOS fashion, the images are top notch; reminds me of flicking through lookbook.nu, but this time, you can actually buy the dress/boots/scarf in just a few clicks.

All in all, it's the perfect place to grab a bargain and a unique find, and let's face it, it's infinitely more stylish than any other online marketplace (take note of the sleek design, ebay!).


  1. Am so excited about this.had my first proper look today and am hooked.

  2. Great review, am absolutely addicted to marketplace :) I linked you in to my post a few months ago at http://wp.me/p17t2b-2g



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