10 November 2010


I have a rather large obsession with models, you may have noticed. Perhaps it's high time I explained this.

You see, it's nothing unsavoury or lesbian; it's actually because I used to cast models for a living, and as such I consider myself a good eye, as well as a true aficionado of the modelling scene (at least in my own head). I've spent a lot of time with them; I know a fair few of them (and love them) and I have a brilliantly embarassing story I knock out at dinner parties, involving me breaking a camera whilst taking casting images of none other than Candice Swanepoel (in a skimpy bikini), I ended up attempting to distract her by telling her how much she looks like a younger, more attractive Cameron Diaz. (It was before she was a Victoria's Secret model, and yes, she was lovely).

Anyway, I digress. Whilst today I am rather stoked to see the lovely Imogen Newton mentioned as one of British Vogue's ones-to-watch for 2011, whom I casted earlier in the year before she blew everyone away with her Topshop campaign appearance (Also slightly chuffed to see that Imogen's article is penned by my former colleague!), I'm mostly excited today by Mario Testino's work for British Vogue, photographing some true Supers.

Nearly all my favourites are there; Kate, Lily, Lara and of course Karlie (as well as many others that I haven't put up here; Freja, Naomi and Stella to name a few). To paraphrase Ross from Friends; this must be what regular people feel like when they flick through celebrity magazines.

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