10 November 2010

Online Shopping Fix - Sosolo.co.uk

I may be biased, but seriously... online shopping is pretty much the best thing to happen to fashion, ever.

I've got major love for a select few online stores; ASOS.com (obviously), Nastygal.com and Pretaportobello.com spring to mind. But I'm always hungry for more (as every good shopping addict is).

So, imagine my delight when I noticed Sosolo.co.uk following me on Twitter. Sosolo purports to support young fashion designers, offering them the chance to sell via their Premium section, as well as offering a gorgeous selection of hand-picked Vintage items, and of course an exclusive selection of brand new pieces.

Here are some personal picks:

I'd suggest logging on pronto and snapping it all up before some other savvy shopper does. You know how fast fashion types work...

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