8 November 2010

J.Crew Spring 2011... (It's all in the Styling)

I've previously waxed lyrical about my growing love for J.Crew here. Little did I know, when I crafted that particular post all those months ago, that I'd end up a short while later a bona-fide NYC resident, resplendent in the fact that I could just pop in and out of J.Crew whenever I felt like it, rather than order from the fairly small selection on Net-a-Porter.

However, whenever I've popped in for a shop, I haven't actually come back out with much. A cute checked shirt, that's about it. This is unusual behaviour for a shopping addict like me; if I like a store or a brand, I usually buy it completely up (and then cease to wear half of it; you know how it goes). I hadn't realised why this all was, until I clapped sight on the Spring 2011 preview this weekend.

Really nice pieces, yes. I mean, really nice. But nothing groundbreaking, nothing that you don't see in other high-street stores. Despite that, I'm still utterly in love with these outfits. And now it's hit me; it's all in the styling. How else did J.Crew turn around from boring, average catalogue fare to fashion-elite?

(That Jenna Lyons, boy does she know what she's doing.)

It may only be November, but I think I've planned out my entire Spring wardrobe already. Thanks, J.Crew, for some spot-on style inspiration.

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  1. It is gorgeous styling and I think its good to sometimes see past the reputation and image of the company and focus on how we would wear the clothes!



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