28 November 2010

Alexa in America ...

Obviously, I love Alexa. Most of us do, don't we? I know she sometimes divides opinion. Probably more amongst men more than women, I believe. Women find her a bit annoying, sometimes; but she's always wearing something distractingly lovely that you kind of forget she's a bit fidgety.

Now, the US is managing to catch up with all the love for Ms. Chung. We've know how great her style is for about, what is it now; 4 years? They've only just noticed, it seems. But (unlike us reserved Brits) they've noticed in a big way.

This weekend, The New York Times profiled Ms. Chung and revealed that she is currently Stateside filming a new series for American TV channel PBS, entitled Thrift America; whereby she'll teach viewers how to shop. In thrift stores. Obviously.

The show, created by Style.com's Maya Singer, will see Alexa taking on London and Paris as well as several obvious US locations; Brooklyn, Nashville and Detroit to name a few. Sounds watchable, no? But, are you surprised by Alexa's sudden climb to a most enviable status; America's newest 'Fashion It Girl'?

I'm not. During my brief stint at Teen Vogue earlier this year, I couldn't go two steps without hearing about how it was all about Alexa. (Fitting then, that Teen Vogue's Jane Keltner de Valle describes Alexa as "the Kate Moss for this new generation" in the article. Told you). What I am surprised by, however, is the description of Alexa's style as "fresh and new". Now, I love Alexa's style; but fresh and new it is most certainly not. It's typically London, Topshop, average-girl-on-the-street-who-likes-to-shop. So, most girls I know then.

But actually; maybe this is all quite cool for us average folk. You realise what this means, don't you? Whilst the US is going crazy for the brogues, tights and printed mini dress look; we've been perfecting it for years. 

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