13 September 2010

Favourite Picks of New York Fashion Week - Part One

My timing in heading to Miami for a romantic break with my boyfriend (shameless plug - read all about it on my other blog) could not have been worse; what was I thinking when I told him that the 10th of September was a perfect time to go? Not only did I manage to miss my first NY Fashion's Night Out (boohoo), but also the first three days of my first NYFW; only a stone's throw from my apartment, no less. Major fail. Seriously.

Despite not being in town for the buzz, the magical beauty of the internet means that I've spent the better part of today checking out the shows. Thoughts? So far, we're seeing a lot of american sportswear, slight grunge influences, white everywhere, clean silhouettes, crop tops, leather, long sheer skirts, metallic touches and the trend that never seems to die; military.

Overall, I've actually liked most shows which is pretty unusual for me. Perhaps because I tend to favour the more wearable collections, given that I'm not one for theatrical fashion dramatics in my own wardrobe (although don't get me wrong, I can more than appreciate those who are), and this sort of minimal look is what we've been seeing a lot more of recently. Some say as a reaction to the recession, some say it's just a momentary turn of the tide; I just say: goody for me.

It's been a tough call, but these are my favourite looks so far (and huge apologies for my rather lazy cutting and pasting; what can I say, I just got back from a holiday!). As far as models go, excited to see the lovely Georgie Wass at Band of Outsiders (not pictured), Freja Beha Erichsen's rocking the white at Derek Lam and Lindsey Wixon is a vision in Orange at Charlotte Ronson. Amazing - hope you enjoy.





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  1. in my opinion, all of this is terribly ordinary.



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