12 September 2010

Alexa Chung for Madewell : Finally Here

Feels like it was announced ages ago. I'm not usually a huge fan of celebrity lines (with Kate Moss being a notable exception), but like most girls I know, I harbour a serious girl-fashion crush on Alexa. So after seeing the presentation of her first collection for American high-street brand Madewell back in February, I knew I'd be more than a bit interested in getting my hands on some of the pieces. I've already become a fully fledged fan of Madewell; I like their mix of preppy, cutesy, vintage and grungy. Which is, coincidentally, how I would describe Alexa Chung's style.

True, Alexa's collection isn't particularly pushing the envelope, as a few harsh critics have stated. Instead, they look exactly like pieces that Alexa herself would wear. Isn't that the point though?
I suppose I'm not going to run around desperate to tell everyone that they're by Alexa Chung, because admittedly it is a bit cheesy, and I wouldn't buy any celebrity line simply for the name; I'd buy it for the fact that I like it. Just like I would buy something from any other store in the world if I liked it. Simple fashion mathematics.

However, it does open up a major can of fashion worms; why should celebs get their own lines when talented and experienced designers are left lagging behind? Critics, let's not forget that the creation of any fashion line that has a budget behind it, be it celebrity or otherwise, is going to create multiple new positions for talented creatives in the fashion industry. Nobody believes for a minute that Alexa designs it all herself, and she obviously needs a whole team to output the collection from start to finish, design to marketing to operation of sales. I personally would call that a positive impact that can't be denied.

Anyway, I ended up suffering from a bout of insomnia on Thursday night, which just so happened to coincide with the online launch of the collection (I swear, I didn't do it on purpose). A polka dot tea dress and a sheer blouse with velvet polka dots later (above: hmmm... I see a theme here!), my credit card is grateful for the workout and I've got some cute bits. Really, what's wrong with that?

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