31 August 2010

You Can't Escape 3D...

(First of all, before I jump into this post, just a note to say very sad news about Corinne Day over the weekend. RIP.)

Onto happier thoughts... I'm not a huge fan of the current onslaught of 3D movies, to be honest. I'd rather pluck my eyelashes out than watch Avatar in regular mode, let alone in pointless 3D wearing annoying/ugly glasses, ducking into my seat everytime something "flies" towards me. Nope, 3D just isn't for me.

Having said that, I'm starting to reconsider after spying these gorgeous Steven Meisel shots for Vogue Italia, of mum-to-be Miranda Kerr. The concept's kind of 3D editorial is kind of random, but I quite like that. Or maybe, it's just that I really like the sexy and girly feel of the shoot, coupled with Kerr herself... and, of course the inclusion of a puppy. That always gets me.

Whilst it might be a total gimmick, I think that's the whole point; and Vogue have been clever enough to not just slap some 3D effect on a sub-par piece, like many, many Directors (whom shall remain nameless) have done with their recent films. An all-round success, in my opinion.

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