5 August 2010

Shell Out, Or Take A Tip

This morning, as per the usual during my period of insomnia, I was perusing my most treasured brands' websites for my always-increasing wishlist, (which FYI, I regularly send to my boyfriend; now the secret of how he has such good taste in women's clothing is revealed) and came across a rather sparkling little fashion insight.

Look at these images from the 1971 Reiss AW10 lookbook; don't. you. just. love? Obviously you do. (Otherwise, why are you reading this blog?)

So, we've established that we all have crazy love for 1971 Reiss. But hang on a minute; I think, no actually, I'm sure, that I have near enough all these pieces in my wardrobe already. A leather jacket, tapered trousers, a maxi skirt, striped mini dress, bowler hat, sheer leopard print blouse... we could go on here. My guess is, that you have near-enough some form of about 50% of these pieces too, at least. So, what I'm getting at here is this - maybe, rather than splashing out on some, rather amazing but rather uniform pieces, we should just channel out AW10 Reiss girl with great styling, nonchalance and messy hair?

Just a thought.

Although... my current striped mini dress isn't nearly half as nice as this one. And I *need* a new leather jacket too. (You just can't beat that purchase high).


  1. AH THIS IS SO TRUE! I often think 'I MUST buy!!...wait, I already own.' Big ups for the rethink and restyle - might get a fringe cut at lunch though... Elle x

  2. Ohhh, THIS is the model! She has totally copied MY hair, right? ;)

    I love all of this collection and like you, own similar pieces already... but want these new things to replace them all! Delish...

    Nat x



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