31 August 2010

Mossy's Out, Who's In?

As you probably have heard, Kate Moss has parted ways with Topshop. Sir Phillip Green has gone on record as saying that her designs are taking up too much of her time, but I'm inclined to look at what we have here in a teensy bit more depth.

Firstly, I honestly think Kate's fashion relevance has begun to fade in the past two years or so. With other younger, distinctive models on the block, such as Lara Stone, Mossy somehow doesn't seem as appealing as she once was. EVEN with the nineties revival.

Secondly, I don't think celebrity-led fashion is really the way forward for any fashion chain, be it high-street or designer, in the current climate. In the influence of street style portals like The Sartorialist, photographers like Face Hunter, and voyeuristic blogs like Show Me Your Wardrobe (all of which I can't get enough of), have filtered down into the masses, with millions of girls and guys all over the world showing us their daily outfits, be it on lookbook.nu or on their own blog.
The point being, we, the fashion consumer, seem to be looking to celebrities less and less for style inspiration; even ones as prolific and well dressed as Kate.

I remember when the first Kate Moss for Topshop collection launched back in 2007, and I was lucky enough to nab one of the vintage floral print blouses that everyone was coveting. I remember wearing that blouse into a bar, and literally having every single girl and gay guy comment on it. Literally, everyone. Why? Because that collection caused such a stampede!

Safe to say, the demand has dwindled a bit. However, I don't think the designs have; I still believe that Kate Moss for Topshop was probably the best celebrity line, hands down, and her pairing with Topshop was a near-perfect one.

I have purchased a couple of items over the years; but I won't be too sorry to see it go. Whilst Kate's designs fit very well with my preferred Seventies aesthetic, it's about time to move onto something new. (And hopefully, I won't ever have to deal with the fact that I'll never look a fraction as good as Kate Moss in the same blouse again).

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