6 August 2010

Marc Jacobs To Go Plus Size?

The other day, a rather interesting tweet from the fashion genius that is Robert Duffy (aka Marc Jacob's business partner) caught my eye. Duffy took to the home of the compulsive over-sharers o announce that (drumroll please) Marc Jacobs in the first stages of talks with another anonymous business partner over the creation of a plus-sized line.

He went on to outlay his thoughts, including the fact that he doesn't like the term 'plus-sized', fishing for alternative suggestions from his devoted 17,000 or so followers. I'm quite positive that the 'fatshionista' blogging community are wetting their pants as I type. And why wouldn't they be?

An incredibly interesting development in the world of designer fashion, we have here. 10 years ago, even 2 years ago, a designer as high profile, with such credibility as Marc Jacobs probably wouldn't have been caught dead catering to the larger size market. It just wasn't cool.

But hang on a minute, is it cool now? Do you feel like, slowly, the walls are coming down around the elitist sartorial world? A curvier girl on the catwalk here (and Marc himself has been a big advocate of that), a plus sized line there, and we'll be well on the way to global acceptance of obesity?

Or... is this a case of Marc Jacobs, as a brand, pushing themselves into the limelight by going against what is de riguer... basically, the notion that when it comes to fashion; fatties aren't cool.

For them, this is already a path well-travelled; does everyone remember a few seasons ago when Marc himself announced that he would be banning all celebrities from his catwalk shows? A controversial move, since celebrity endorsement is a money-making fashion monster in itself. Similar could be said for Marc Jacobs foray into affordable fashion; most of us, I'm sure, have gone into a Marc by Marc Jacobs store at one point or another, and marveled, either silently or proudly, at the ability to purchase something branded with such a recognised fashion force for less than a tenner. The people who can actually afford Marc Jacobs mainline, though, have probably turned their nose right up and sniffed out a more cutting-edge alternative. Because, that's how fashion works; it's all a caste system - right?

So making fashion available to the masses; isn't that against the rules of proper, grown-up designers?

Either Duffy and his good pal Marc are total fashion dictators, eager to take over the world with their brand, or they're just ruled by the thought that fashion should be for everyone... young, old, fat, thin, gay, straight, man, woman, it doesn't matter - eventually, every single person even remotely interested, can have this brand on their back. Now, call me cynical, but I think we've found their motivation right there.

Just one thing though... if those label-loving trend devotees with money to burn turned their noses up at Marc Jacobs for putting out affordable fashion, does this mean that fashion conscious girls, like me and my friends, who can afford a bit of Marc by Marc Jacobs here and there (and fit into it) are going to turn our noses up at the once-desirable label when we spot a size 24 girl wearing the same dress?

I'd like to think not, because I think fashion is for everyone (although, controversially, I don't see many plus sized bloggers actually being into fashion, just shopping and dressing for your shape, and in my mind they are very different things). However, one of Duffy's comments about the venture was very telling - it will not, under any circumstances, be just a larger version of the mainline, or Marc by Marc Jacobs line.

As I said, incredibly interesting.


  1. I'm a plus size blogger who is into fashion. But this still makes me uncomfortable. Obesity shouldn't be accepted, it's unhealthy (as is the malnutrition you see in some of the super skinny models.)

    Maybe designers could go up a little bigger or make a range of clothes for curvier ladies, rather than just larger sizes of thin people clothes.

    Great post.

  2. Really interesting to hear your view. I'd love to read your blog.

    Thanks for reading mine x

  3. It's www.feelingstylish.co.uk



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