16 August 2010

Forward Planning For Fashion's Night Out...

As a brand new New Yorker, all I've heard the past few weeks is Fashion's Night Out this, Fashion's Night Out that... I remember last September that London partook too, with some events at stores around the capital, but it didn't seem much my bag at the time. However, fast forward 12 months and it seems such a big deal here that I don't think I could get away without at least trying to be involved!

My favourite NY fashion portal, The Cut, has this morning posted a very handy guide to where to be on the night in question, September 10th. I'm personally gunning for Barney's, as I love a bit of Karaoke, and if boyfriend has to come too then most certainly we'll stop by Armani. You'll be hearing all about it soon!

You can read The Cut's blog post here, and visit the official Fashion's Night Out website here.

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