26 August 2010

Biba Is Back...

Everyone worth their proverbial fashion salt loves a bit of Biba. The brand, brainchild of legendary designer Barbara Hulanicki, launched back in 1964, and is often described as being the Topshop equivalent of the swinging Sixties.

Unfortunately, the brand fell apart after Hulanicki's departure, only to be re-imagined for a London Fashion Week debut by designer Bella Freud in 2006. That incarnation fell into adminstration rather quickly too, and all we were left with was Barbara Hulanicki's much desired line for Topshop (of which I smugly nabbed the red shoulder pad dress with the spots - fashion success).

Until last autumn, that is, when House of Fraser announced that they had nabbed the brand to be re-imagined (albeit keeping it's roots), and sold alongside their current contemporary lines. (Despite the fact that all those lines are totally rubbish, the news was very exciting indeed.)

Now the wait for the new collection is nearly over; it will be hitting stores next month. Who better to front their first AW10 campaign under their new guise of high-street clothing, than Daisy Lowe?

Apparently Lowe has been sporting Biba around the festival circuit all summer, and now her campaign images have been released. She looks great (love her hair); the perfect choice in my opinion, and the clothing itself looks fairly expected but still promising. Can't wait to have a good rummage. I'm told the label will be divided into two areas; Biba Blue, an everyday kind of look, and Biba Gold, a higher priced, slightly more trend-led style. Whatever your preference, I guess I'll meet you at the cash desk, girls.

(Photos shamefully borrowed from dailymail.co.uk.)

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