8 July 2010

My Favourite Era of Fashion - The Seventies

The thing I love about seventies fashion is that it was so mismatched. The mini was still in fashion, the midi was in fashion, the maxi was in fashion, bell bottoms and flares were in fashion. There wasn't one stand-out piece.

The dawn of the seventies allowed the majority of the global population to travel worldwide with more ease, which meant in Western fashion, there was huge ethnic and global influence in prints and colours. Combined with the regaling hippy, you soon had a look; gorgeous, hand-crafted, light and airy kaftans, mini dresses and bed jackets.

Wooden heeled shoes, and the approval of platforms into the mainstream... messenger bags in soft leather and tapestry, crochet trims and fur collars, beaded embellishments and gold bangles. And my favourite-ever Seventies piece; the mood ring.

This sort of Seventies fashion is never far from the catwalks and collections; the women of Seventies fashion, unlike their 50's and 60's sisters before them, didn't need to be curvy in all the right places or skinny respectively. Because there was so much choice, there was something for everyone.

This was the era of natural make-up, a sunkissed glow, and elaborately waved hair - pretty much what most women are doing on a day-to-day basis still now. Farah Fawcett made it cool to have a huge hair-do, contradicting Twiggy's elfin crop a decade previous. It was about being a woman, a sexy woman at that, and not a little girl.

Today, people call the early Seventies look 'bohemian'; Nicole Richie gets it right everytime, extending her style to the people with her clothing label Winter Kate and jewellery label House of Harlow. Every season we see it's influence creeping in, in some form or another. The past two seasons it's been maxi's and jumpsuits; possibly my two favourite types of clothing ever. I'm also a stickler for a wide brimmed floppy hat and printed chiffon bed jacket. Oh, and high waisted jeans, wooden platforms, bell sleeved mini dresses. Not forgetting suede fringed bags and crochet tops. I heart the Seventies.

Some of my favourite Seventies fashion and beauty icons/characters/embodiments/images:

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