6 July 2010

London vs. New York - Street Style

Probably the two most fashionable cities in the world (I'd say Paris comes third), walking the streets (and melting) out here in NYC I've noticed a remarkable difference between London and New York and their respective summer styles. Further investigation on Elle.com's Street Chic only confirms my observations; there's more than a whole ocean between these two cities' styles.


Clean, polished, simple and grown-up. The denim hotpant may be a staple of both places, but in New York it's not quite as short and not vintage. Tailoring rules the roost (and 5th Ave).Plain pieces in simple colours make a strong statement.


Quirkier, cuter and a bit more rough around the edges. Not nearly as good at dressing for the heat, either. Maxis everywhere... we Brit's don't mind getting dirty hems half as much. Heavy on the accessories.

Now, living between these two cities, I would say my natural style gravitates towards the laid back (read: messy and unable to use an iron) style of London, ditto my love of print. However, I'm not really a huge accessories person, and neither, it seems, are many New Yorkers. So hopefully, I'm hitting the perfect medium of both places to not incur the wrath of the judgemental 'oh, you've changed' comments from friends. (Or at least I'm going to pretend I am).

New York images - Elle.com Street Chic
London images - Grazia Daily Style Hunter

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