14 July 2010

Lessons in Style Learnt From 'The City'...

Due to an all encompassing hangover, and the fact that we just had cable installed today, I have spent most of my day slumped on the sofa in the most un-ladylike fashion possible.
However, this evening my ultimate guilty pleasure was fulfilled when I saw that MTV were repeating last nights' season finale of 'The City, which I had sadly missed, due to the above.

The episode itself was rather dissapointing, in plot at least, but as usual, there truly was much to be learnt about New York style from Whitney and co. And since I've moved across the pond, many pals have been comparing me to Whit herself (I wish!), ergo I thought it would be appropriate timing to summarise the style (and life) lessons learnt from The City.

1. It is totally acceptable to trounce around NYC in a tiny skirt and heels combo. As long as you have legs as good as Whitney Port. Which I don't.

2. You should ALWAYS exploit your personal contacts and namedrop to get ahead. Olivia Palermo, we're looking at you, and your 'close personal relationships' with Marc Jacobs and Zac Posen.

3. The only person who can get away with all-black is Kelly Cutrone. Otherwise, dig out the bright mini dresses.

4. Only about 5 people work at the US Elle, and they do everything. It pains me to think there are girls out there who actually believe that is how a major magazine works. FAKE. But hugely entertaining nonetheless.

5. Olivia Palermo has a 'small face'. And according to the Japanese, it's a compliment - possibly the best moment of show EVER.

Can't wait for the next season.

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