1 July 2010

June is my Favourite

June may be over, but I'm still basking in all it's glory. My favourite month; first of all, it was my 25th birthday, which coincided with a group trip to Isle of Wight festival.

Two of my friends/colleagues got 'style spotted' by Vogue.co.uk... not one to brag but this isn't exactly a new occurence (you should see my friend's wardrobes!) What did make me all happy and fuzzy inside, though, apart from their fashion triumph, is that one pal was sporting a gorgeous bohemian style dress from ASOS.com which I had sported a day earlier. (We won't go in to how much better she looked in it than me - get me to a stairmaster pronto).

So that's the trivialities... on a sadder note we lost one of my favourite models, Tom Nicon, on the eve of Milan Fashion Week. He was such a lovely guy, so sweet natured, always a pleasure to work with... may he rest in peace.

The shows went on, and by far my favourite collection of the week was Burberry (BRAVO, Bailey, you've done it again). It looks like the boys are going to be studding everything soon... and working those guns. It could possibly all get a bit Wham. You have been warned.

Next up was my farewell do... oh yes, farewell indeed. I'm splitting this joint on Sunday, American Independence Day, to up sticks across the pond. The Big Apple. Wish me luck...

You can read all about my New York day-to-day adventures, diary style, over at my new blog, English Girl in New York: theenglishgirlinnewyork.blogspot.com

And, of course, this blog will still be going with all the usual good fashion stuff, just in a New York state of mind.

Thanks for reading.

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