12 July 2010

Hidden Gems...

Now if you are a native New Yorker, well actually, if you're native to any part of the USA and have any remote interest in fashion, I'm sure you've probably heard of this website. But in my experience, most english girls haven't.

A stylist friend directed me to it about a year ago, as she thought I would dig it's laid back yet slightly punky attitude, and more recently I've been perusing through for some 90's style printed sundresses, a bit grungy, and thought this would be the perfect place to find them.

Nastygal.com has some serious hidden gems, vintage and new-alike, along with cool brands such as MinkPink and Jeffrey Campbell shoes. LOVE. (Also check out gorgeous Karina from FM modelling for them, knew her from her days modelling at ASOS.com, and she is just as every bit gorgeous in the flesh).

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