20 July 2010

Erin Wasson X RVCA... No More?

It may not have set the fashion world alight, but news today of Erin Wasson's signature line for RVCA being dropped has forced me to get on my soapbox and share some thoughts.

It seems the official line being spoken by RVCA is that Erin's team is far too unorganised to work with. Hmmm, I would imagine this is the case for 99 percent of all celebrity lines, no? And to me, Erin is a probably one of the few front-women for a celebrity line I would actually buy into (the only other springing to mind is Kate Moss for Topshop) based on her own style and star power.

I may not have actually bought anything from the line yet (might snap up something now), but I think there is some, well, was some potential in there, amongst the admittedly tackier items; some really cute prints and well-cut denim shorts. It seems a bit of a shame to me. And why am I so bothered by it?

Because the American high street is crap, that's why. It seems that, even in New York, there is such a massive divide between proper fashion at high street prices, and actual designer fare. The only well dressed girls I see wondering down the street are either in pretty much head-to-toe vintage, or head-to-toe Proenza Schouler/Marc Jacobs/Celine... you get the picture.

Coming from London, considered to have the most amazing high street in the world, it's shocking to see that there is so little catwalk inspired and stylish, trend-referencing pieces available when you're on a budget. There is only H&M, Zara, Urban Outfitters and one rather measly Topshop. And it seems even they don't carry the same looks as they would in London, it's all much more watered down.

I'm not a fan of Abercrombie or their cheaper imitations; American Eagle and Aeropostale, (except possibly for their denim shorts and plain cotton dresses, which would be classified as style staples rather than trend-led items anyway), but it seems they rule the roost for young American style. Just as they did last time I had an extended stay here - in 2004!

I don't see much innovation for little budget like we get in the UK, and it seems that stores like Forever 21 are about 6 years behind New Look, their British counterparts (although I will admit that their vintage inspired Heritage 1981 line has some massively cute and ridiculously cheap summer-y gems that I snapped up immediately).

So, to me anyway, this little label is actually going to be quite a big loss in the grand scheme of affordable American fashion. Please, tell me if I'm wrong? Is there some mecca of amazing, affordable fashion that I haven't managed to stumble into yet?

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