19 May 2010

Jaeger: Love or Hate?

Just today, Vogue.co.uk has reported that Brit label Jaeger have announced increase profits, up 12% on the past year, and the development of Boutique by Jaeger, an exciting new range planned for a AW10 launch.

Call me cynical... are Jaeger just trying to hustle in on some of Whistles' success? It seems so, but the problem is, they're just not in the same Brit Icon league. To a girl aged-nearly-25, Jaeger is my (albeit chic) nan's label; she had tons of jewel coloured Jaeger bits in her old sliding wardrobe. Lovely, but just lovely. Not exciting, not inspiring and not innovative. Whistles was the groomed and sophisticated older woman; Joanna Lumley perhaps? Someone I might actually aspire to be. So when Whistles nabbed uber retail goddess Jane Shepherdson, you just knew it would be the turn-around of all turn-arounds, taking Whistles back to it's boutique era, flogging Roksanda and Surface to Air and all those completely covetable beauties. Suddenly, I'm on Whistles.co.uk every lunchtime, sending boyfriend emails with links to adorable yet grown-up printed playsuits, oversized, acid washed yet soft wool jumpers and perfectly tailored yet slouchy-on-the-right-side-of-low-crotch tapered trousers. Perfection.

I may be a total fangirl of Sherpherdson (aged 16 she asked me if I enjoyed my Saturday job at Topshop on a random visit to our Surrey based store; obviously by that age I was already smitten with her success. Oh, and she frequents my work local as Whistles HQ is only a stones throw from my workplace) but Jaeger just isn't having the same effect. It's lacklustre, run-of-the-mill, fairly nice but who wants to be nice? Certainly not anyone I work alongside. We want edge.

To further prove my point, just look who made it FRONT ROW to the last LFW Jaeger show... Joe 'off of X-FACTOR' and The Saturdays? Whilst my colleague recieved an email from Whistles PR dept last week, enquiring about a work project, that stated Whistles have no celebrity endorsements.

Even if the epitome of beauty Lara Stone is modelling for Jaeger (that does admittedly give them a few points in my book), I still think Whistles = class and edge. Jaeger = nice but desperate. Which one would you rather be your fashion boyfriend?

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