19 April 2010


I was never a Ralph Lauren fan until the season just passed (SS10). I've always taken inspiration from that Americana look a little bit, personally, (even if I have mixed it up with British influences); washed denim and vintage sweatshirts, marl grey jerseys and worn leather, but never enjoyed seeing it in a literal state. Too preppy, too clean, too put-together, not enough colour. Watching that catwalk, though, it all made sense. Classic yet sporty, wearable yet aspirational, it just worked. Maybe it's the comfort of timeless looks and worn-in, well-loved garments, that makes me happy in these uncertain days, but right now, it feels right.

The news that iconic American brand J.Crew is to be sold at net-a-porter.com from May, the first time it's being sold outside of the US, just highlights how much we're enjoying the all-american look right now. I thought the brand was cool back in the day for it's Dawsons Creek connections, but it's lost it's shine in recent times (perhaps just like Mr Lauren too?). However, those lookbook images of the ruffle organza dress with the military jacket are putting me in a permanent state of swit-swoo. It's a modern take on the well-known but somewhat bland J.Crew styling, courtesy of Creative Director Jenna Lyons, and it's set to ride the tails of this trend and beyond. Perfect timing.

Of course, Ralph Lauren and J.Crew are a bit of a literal take on American fashion (even if styled with an edge of 2010); well, not a bit, they literally are classic American fashion. For some edge I'm looking to Karlie Kloss' recent Teen Vogue cover shoot; sportswear luxe meets the (american) football team meets girl next door; see it here.

For high street imitations, you can't go wrong with American Apparel's classic tri-blend jersey separates in grey, and of course, vintage denim cut-offs. Levi's FTW.

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